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A company’s market value of equity– also known as market capitalization– is the current market price of a company’s stock multiplied by the number of all outstanding shares in the market.. For example, if a company’s stock is currently valued at $50 per share and there are a total of five million outstanding shares, the company’s market value of equity is $250 million ($50 per share x 5.

How to calculate Equity Value Vs Enterprise Value formula, EV calculation of enterprise value per share, multiples, market cap, WIKI, EBITDA.

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The market value of equity basically shows the size of the company. factors affecting market Value of Equity. Market Value of Equity is extremely volatile as it is affected by the market price of a share.

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Market value refers to the price at which an asset is traded in the competitive auction setting. The apt definition for market value is the current quoted price at which a share of common stock or a bond is bought or sold by the investors at a specific time. The market value is, sometimes, also referred as "total market value".

The Market Value of Debt refers to the market price investors would be willing to buy a company’s debt at, which differs from the book value on the balance sheet. A company’s debt isn’t always publicly traded bonds, which have a specified market value. Companies own debt that can be classified as non-traded

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The most reliable and straightforward way to determine a company’s market value is to calculate what is called its market capitalization, which represents the total value of all shares outstanding. The market capitalization is defined as a company’s stock value multiplied by its total number of shares outstanding.